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About Us

Shenzhen BeautyCreative Accessories Co.,Limited is a private company with extensive experience in the area of USB Flash Drive as a provider of the best services and quality. 
We have been with professional technicians and persons in the international trading area for more than 10 years.
Currently we are leading supplier in the range of Customized USB Flash Drives, Custom Flash Drives - Personalized USB Drives printed with your logo.
Guaranteed lowest wholesale pricing on branded promotional flash drives. 
Based on professionalism of our designs, great price and high-quality of our product, we surely can be your best choice of the reliable supplier in china.


All Staff of Shenzhen BeautyCreative is chosen strictly to fulfill our corporate values.

Present in the relationship with customers.suppliers and other employees of the company.


Committing and expressing ourselves with consistency and authenticity ;

1.Always telling the truth.

2.Always acting according to the values of truth and justice.

3.Respecting the truth in our relations with the world,environment,events and people.


Respecting and meeting schedules ranging from the design process and produce goods to delivery our customers.

In addition, strict compliance date of payment to suppliers,contractors and employees.


Designing,implementing and manufacturing innovative products that meet high standards only in the technical and durability.

Furthermore, the quality is represented on friendliness and warmth shown in relations with customers and suppliers.